The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives


"There Is Only One Path To Peace"

The world that we live in is dying, and humanity is largely to blame for that. It is hard to believe at this point in time that we can reverse, or even truly stop, the changes that we have set in motion - especially when the largest contributors to the problem refuse to do anything about it. Of course, the world will continue on with or without us. That is the way of nature and of evolution. It is also the way of humans - though we work hard to forget that we, too, are animals and that constant change is our natural state of being. The Human World is trying so hard to hold on to the past, ignoring that the future is coming. In many ways, the future is already here.

We believe that we are that future, and that the only way forward for the human race is to embrace that evolution and to put an end to the failed experiments of enormous nations and to allow individuals and communities to determine their own needs and find ways to meet them. It it our belief that the Apocalypse is not only coming, but that it is necessary. It is also in our best interests to determine what form that apocalypse takes, before the choice is taken from us either by nature or by the powers that be.

"Apocalypse", to us, is both a metaphorical descriptor for a personal experience that leads us here as well as a literal descriptor for the end of society as we know it. The path of The Apocalypse Order necessarily leads to the rending of our own personal worlds in many cases, allowing us to rebuild our individual selves from the rubble the destruction leads behind, forging a stronger, more capable identity in Blood and in Fire. Similarly, it is necessary to end the world we know and build something better, something more sustainable from humanity's long, deep roots lest the world simply move on without us.

Our goals are threefold:

  • We seek to lead individuals to their own personal apocalypse, and to give them the tools - mental, emotional, and physical - to rebuild themselves as the very best entity they can be.
  • We seek to bring those individuals together to build new Tribes around the world who respect the unique identities of other individuals and tribes and who not fight over silly differences, but who have the strength, power, and skill to defend themselves and their tribes when attacked as we know that not all will subscribe to our way of thinking.
  • We seek to inspire an end to the Age of Empire, and to see the nations and corporations of the world brought down and abandoned. The surviving tribes will strip the corpse of Empire of its useful bits and leave the rest to decay, feeding the seeds of the new with what nutrition can be siphoned from its carcass. These nations and corporations have failed us, and serve primarily to pollute and destroy the world. Humanity, and the world, would do better without them.

The Wild Gods

The Wild Gods are, like so much else in esoterica, entirely fiction, but meant to teach a lesson. There is a reason "the Wild Gods are in you because the Wild Gods are you", and that "there are no gods without you". TAO began as a personal expression of Satanism as I'd understood it, but as other people joined me and embraced the brand I was creating, what The Order meant to me and to the people it touched changed. Satan, alone, no longer spoke to them or, really, to me. So, I apocalypsed the Rebel Angel and rebuilt the Wild Gods from his corpse. Like the Rebel Angel, the Wild Gods remain a symbol of rebellion and defiance. They are also symbols for man's place as an animal, and an acknowledgement of our innate need for community and for wild play. Humans don't exist in a vacuum, and we cannot exist in the clean rooms we have designed for ourselves all of the time. Our comfort is, literally, killing us. The Wild Gods remind us not only to become uncomfortable, but to find freedom and strength in that discomfort. They can be anything you want them to be - Satan, Lucifer, Thor, Bastet, Diana, Hekate, or any of the other countless dead gods can waken from their sleep to be a Wild God. They are for all people and all cultures, the Wild Gods are in all of us. They can even be things - The Red God is blood and war, anger, fury, rage — and love. The Wild Gods can be Cthonic horrors or they can be trees. The Wild Gods are in you, and you define what they are and what they mean to you.

There Is Only One Path To Peace

Century after century, humanity has proven time and again that the only constant is change and that we fear it. Every empire has fallen, every government failed, despite its better efforts to survive beyond its usefulness. With each deathbed has come new levels of human depravity and oppression. Today, those empires have weapons that can end every life on this planet and leave the world itself so scarred as to be uninhabitable to almost any form of life we know or can imagine, and so their falls and failures will only get more violent with time. It's up to us to find a way to avoid that near-inevitability.

In embracing Apocalypse, there is hope.