The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

VII: The Wild Survives

I feel confident in making the general statement that 2020 has been a rough year for just about everyone, and I know it has been a rough one here at The Apocalypse Order. It's been a long time since I spoke to all of you, a long time since I released any new designs, and honestly, it's been a long time since I even followed my own advice. For a time there, I even thought that The Apocalypse Order might be dead. I'd let the hosting lapse as I'd had more pressing personal obligations at the time for my money and the thought crossed my mind more than a few times to just let The Order and the idea behind it fade along with the election that initially inspired The Order and the year we've all had. The Idea, though, had better and bigger plans, and The Wild Survives.

This year, and particularly these past six months or so, have been the worst of it. To keep up with my obligations at my day job, as a partner and a lover, and as a father, I let "superfluous" shit slide to the wayside so that I could focus on recovering from injuries, the added responsibilities of home-schooling children a decade apart, and help to support my partner as she went through her own small crises and issues related to the year and to her work. I did my own job as faithfully as one can while navigating a minefield of random mini-emergencies that I'm sure you're all mostly aware of.

And while I was ignoring all the things I needed or wanted to do for myself or for The Order, the Idea persisted. It stayed, constantly, at the periphery of my thought. While I picked up a few new hobbies to keep the Dark at bay, they were related to what I'm trying to do here. When I found quiet moments, the Witch would speak to me, or I'd have an idea for a new piece. While the site has been down, I have been working on the book which will accompany this site. I had ideas for a possible video project for The Apocalypse Order and I designed an entire new line of clothing that almost — but not quite — replaced the printed offerings that have been available. The idea of the Feral Cult became more solid and defined while The Witch became more arcane and more difficult to define. All because The Wild Survives.

I never intended for The Apocalypse Order to become what it's becoming. Creating a religion from stitched together pieces of fiction and ideas in my head was never a part of the plan, but it simply will not let go of me. The idea speaks both to and through me, and I'm hoping that there are people out there who can identify with it and that it can help them find that place they belong in this world. It's been nearly a 30 year search for me, but I believe The Wild may be that place. At least, I hope it is. It found me. I look forward to exploring what that means and sharing it with all of you. It's through us that the Wild Survives.

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