The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

VI: 091101

It's easy to say you'll never forget, but the truth is that most of us forgot the important part before the day had even ended. All too easily, we gave it all away and today, 19 years later, we've forgotten what it truly meant to be "American".

America, we were sold, was meant to be "the Land of the Free", but look around you. Who among you is "free"? Certainly, our oppression was a long time coming for the average American, and was built slowly, generation by generation. But on that day, with those souls, the last vestige of the American soul died. With a single attack, the terrorists won and what was left of the American way of life was taken off of its meager life support and quickly spiraled away as politicians and pundits passed law after law, selling off those revered American liberties while the populace clamored for Security At Any Cost.

What was left in the wake of 091101 and the brief and beautiful but misguided unity was an increasingly violent police and surveillance state, and the few rebels left were reviled as heretics and blasphemers against the dead American Dream. This country became The Land of Police and the Home of the Craven as, collectively, we rolled on our bellies like kicked dogs with broken spirits, actively voting for our own increased oppression. With each protest for more freedom or equal rights, we show our bellies as the police violently quash protests and the populace at large screams for peace and security and convenience - but never, ever, for freedom. It matters not which imaginary "side" the protest or uprising comes from - there is a large contingent of American people all too happy to shout them down and praise their God and their Government with its Guns and its Violence.

I don't need to go into the history of American Oppression - it is an institution older than the country itself. You'll know from your basic history classes that it was first used against Black people and Indigenous people, and you may know that it targeted other minorities, such as the Chinese, the Japanese during World War II, and even Irish Catholics for a while. What most - what you - likely don't realize is that it is used against all of us, today, to varying degrees. Your race, your gender, your color, or your creed may make it worse for you, but it is used against everyone.

At its inception, The Apocalypse Order aimed to be a resistance movement that was quiet, subversive, and that worked largely through motivation and satire. I intentionally worked to keep most politics out of the message because I truly believe that our current woes aren't as simple as "Right" and "Left", and that the only solution moved beyond those simple descriptors. As the years of the Trump administration have worn on, I've realized it's not enough to appear apolitical - The Apocalypse Order must be antipolitical. Before those on the "right" complain, I likely would feel the same under a new Clinton administration and, in fact, came up with the name of this idea as a response to the absolutely abysmal options provided in the 2016 election. The nomination of Biden gives me no added confidence in the next four years, regardless of the winner.


Moving Toward - We cannot distance ourselves from the political environment we find ourselves living in. It affects each and every one of us, from the second economic collapse in under two decades to a pandemic that has left the Divided States of America the epicenter of a pandemic that has found itself mostly contained throughout the rest of the world, the decisions of our failed leaders touch each and every one us, often doing more harm than good, and always worse to the most disadvantaged among us. The Apocalypse Order can no longer be a silent force of motivation for a few - The Order and the Wild Gods must become an angry roar of rabid resistance, a motivating force to make the weak powerful, to aid those even less fortunate than us in their uprising. You don't have to support the organizations that steal the names of movements - support the people who hurt more than you, raise them up, make them stronger, and light the fucking fire in their souls. Turn your pain and their pain into weapons of war, stand up and FUCKING FIGHT.

The Apocalypse Order is a movement, an infernal strength cult, it is the war band of Armageddon. The Wild Gods are in us because the Wild Gods are us, and RESISTANCE is our RELIGION.

Make Amerika Gehenna Already.


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