The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

One: Everything Remains, As It Never Was

The Apocalypse Order was always about change. The "apocalypse" of which I spoke was, at its core, a personal apocalypse where you tear yourself down to nothing and rebuild yourself in the image you truly wanted to be. The goal was that each of you might end your own worlds as I had ended mine and replace it with something more worthy of your own majesty as you explored yourself and found the beauty in the wasteland once you'd removed all the unnecessary dross. It was a lofty ideal, though a bit intense at times. Eventually, the Operation destroyed me in more ways than I imagined or intended. Through The Apocalypse Order and Operation: BloodFire, I tore myself to my tribal roots, I began to explore the deepest roots of where I came from, and I found so much more than I ever thought existed to me. The Operation, for me personally, has seen a lot of wins. I'm both stronger and lighter than I've been in the 20 years since high school. I've found new purpose (though the past year has seen that purpose lost on the Paths of the Wild after I took an unplanned turn). I've quit smoking mostly, I've cut back my drinking by a great deal, I eat better, and I find more enjoyment in life. Operation: BloodFire was good to me - I remain living proof that the ideals I set forth and lived are Good Ideals, and that they work. The Apocalypse changed my life, and in so doing, the Apocalypse ended itself and gave birth to something new.

I'm writing this message, today, standing once again on the edge of a precipice off of which I am about to jump with no real idea what is on the other side of the clouds between me and the ground on which I will land, to tell you that The Apocalypse Order is dead. I have tried this past year to link the symbolism of "the apocalypse" to the new path of the Wild Gods and the Feral Path but the truth is that the Apocalypse was only the path to the Wild, and the rebirth of the Wild signifies the end of Armageddon. From here, on this verdant path, the apocalypse is over. Here, the free clans of Apocalypse rise again to sing new songs and to go forth into the wasteland and build a new world. This is the end of the apocalypse and, for me (and hopefully for you), this is a new beginning along a path we each cut for ourselves through the Wilds.

On this path, I've heard the War Drums of the raiders of the waste and I've seen the utter desolation of the soul as I've torn myself down from a man made of lies and laid open and bleeding my soul to the world. I felt that thrumming drum pound in tune with my own heart while I literally and metaphysically tore myself down to bone and sinew to rebuild my mind, heart, and body in a new image. I suffered under the weight of the choices I'd made, and I continued to choose to suffer for freedom under the weight of choices I made with a new horizon in my mind. I lit the fire that fueled the forge and I struck the hammer that shaped the metal that is me into the tool I have become. I hope you have, too, and that you'll join me as we walk proudly and without fear into The Wild.

This is the end of The Apocalypse Order, but there is a new springtime dawning upon the Wasteland. The Witch of the Concrete Waste has come forward, and the Wild Gods rise from their long slumber. As the raven soars and the wildcat stalks, the Wild, as it has done since existence sprang forth from Khaos, survives. This was never about the end, my friends. The Apocalypse Order - 5 years of growth, exploration, and work - was just the next beginning.

The Wild Gods call, the Blood Ghosts sing, and the Wild Survives. Join me on this new path, and embrace Feral Cult.

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