The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

IV: Build Your World

This is the prophesied Apocalypse, but no savior cometh. The economies of the world lie in shambles, our facade of normalcy has been torn asunder, and all the might of the world's government are largely powerless to end the pain. There will, of course, come a vaccine for the current boogeyman and herd immunity will certainly take hold at some point and give us back some vestige of the world we knew.

But we, as people, are forever changed. This world will never be the same again. Our lives are forever scarred by this interruption, and our customs will change in accordance.

But this doesn't need to be the end. You can choose to make this a beginning. From the ashes of the dead world, the world of politics and capitalism, of despots and totalitarians, the world of weak wills and consumerism, you have the power to rise like a phoenix and rebuild the world in our own image, a wild image — a free image.

The age of cities has passed. Humans are social animals, but we were never meant to be packed like sardines into concrete, artificial jungles infested by disease and surrounded by the scum our "advancement" created.

What's next?

That's up to us. Do we really go back to "normal"? Do we trust that normal still? Or do we want something better? The powers that be, from corporate oligarchs to the Commander in Chief want America "open for business" within the month - but what's essential never really closed down, did it? And we could survive with less, if we cared to put forth the effort — if we didn't fear the adventure.

The world we've known is already in its death throes. I say we let it fucking die.

Let the conmen and the capitalists, the oligarchs and the monarchs, the communists and the totalitarians have their cities and we let them rot in them with the pestilence it breeds. Let the Wild Gods have their way with them.

Let us return to the Wild. Out There we can build our own communities. Out There we can live as we see fit. Out There we can have all that we need, all that we love, and we can do it without the confines of this concrete wasteland.

Gather your tribe. Train. Build. Create. The Apocalypse is here, and we are the children of Apocalypse.

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