The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

III: Fuck the Vote

It is once again that time in the geographic area of the world commonly known as the United States of America where political pandering reaches its height and legions of angry, lethargic sycophants leave their holes in a concerted effort to exercise their will on others. The two dominant parties of otherwise do-nothings will gather en masse to tell you why their side is right.

They are wrong. More importantly, these two groups actively and violently make the world a worse place to exist.

Each successive generation of politicians has benefited from new systems put in place to empower the previous leaders. Regardless of the initial intention of those systems, for good or ill, they continue existing and can be taken advantage of by the proceeding individuals to hold the office the systems empower. The more power we give to those we put into these positions, the less power you and I legally have over our own lives. Without exception, these powers have gotten greater every year while conditions for the rest of us - the bottom feeders - have continued to erode.

It does not matter who you put in power this year, or next. The leader after them will have the power to destroy any good they have done and to exacerbate any evil, and they will almost without exception. As this continues, life across the United States for 350 million people will continue to decline.

The politicians are not going to save you — Only you, and perhaps a small group of trusted friends and allies, can do that with any real effect.

I used to be like most of you. I used to believe that voting could effect real change. I used to believe that there were politicians who actually cared, and that the system could be saved or fixed. It cannot. It works as it has been built to work, and it works to crush you.

So this year, I urge you to fuck the vote. You can — and you should — simply not participate. Your energy is better spent working to improve life for you and for your family and friends. Regardless of the outcome of any race, even if one side or the other landslides the ticket all the way down, you are the faceless ant beneath the boot that comes down. There is no scenario where life under their system measurably improves. Voters are simply choosing the form of the Destructor, and making a token gesture toward their guide in the Apocalypse.

It is your civic duty to put in the work to build a better life. If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it's that there truly is no real help for the smallest among us except the systems we build for ourselves.

It is your duty to build strength, to network, to build new skills that will help you survive, and to acquire, build, and train with weapons and tools that will enable you to survive in the wasteland we're marching endlessly toward.

You will hear weak, woke platitudes about how you have to vote. About how one side will make life better for minorities or how another side will improve the economy. You will hear hopeful but empty words about how we're all in this together. We are not. The politicians are in it for themselves. The loudest voters and pundits are in it for the good guy badges and to say "at least I did something".

Hear me: They have done nothing. They do nothing to improve this world. That is our job, it is the Call of the Wild. Burn their world and build your own.

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