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I. The Utility of Gods & Monsters

Gods, monsters, myths, fables - all fiction. We acknowledge this. We acknowledge that Lucifer, Hecate, YHWH, the Nazarene, Zeus, etc. are all works of fiction that somehow became "religions", with cults built around them. We are here to discuss the utility of gods and monsters in our modern age of scientific enlightenment. Obviously, we've no need for gods of thunder or gods of war - we know they can't actually influence the things we give them domain over. 

Why, then, did The Apocalypse Order invent "the Wild Gods"?


"Why gods?" another friend asks me for the 100th time since my Reptile Mind spit out the Wild Gods. It's a valid question. I renounced all gods 23 years ago when I gave up Christianity and Paganism to become a Satanist. The original tagline for The Apocalypse Order was "Godless & Lawless". Even now, I, the Mad Prophet of the Apocalypse, do not actually believe in external entities known as the Wild Gods, or any other sort of external entity that can give me mystical powers or answer my prayers, so...

"Why gods?"

As humans we love a good myth. Even to this day, we still create new myths. We have Star Wars. Harry Potter, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, and countless more. Yes, we acknowledge they're fiction, but it would be easy to turn any of the Avengers into a kind of god, and Katniss Everdeen could easily become a warrior goddess. Around our modern myths, cults - or "fandoms"- spring up. We recognize the myth for the fiction it is, just as many of us recognize religions for the fiction they are. These modern myths, however, serve much the same function as the gods of old, save explaining natural phenomena that science already covers. 

Through inspiring characters and story lines, they teach valuable lessons. There is a reason that Superman and Jesus Christ are comparable - they share the same character template.

Even Satanism uses the admirable qualities of The Adversary to build a myth worth emulating. The Fallen one was chosen as the namesake The Feared Religion as a sign of total rebellion in a majority Judeo-Christian society. We took His rebellions and His freethinking and His idealized individual liberty and we built a religion around it.

In modern times, we're seeing a surge in atheism, but we're also seeing a resurgence in pagan religion, in Satanism, and in people reaching back to their native religions. As the world goes to shit around us, and with science largely powerless against the political behemoth of Empire, people are looking for power wherever they can find it.

Satan, by any name, became too limiting for the mission of The Apocalypse Order and Operation: BloodFire. We are here to build stronger, more independent people in an age of rampant anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional demons. The Wild Gods were born to fill the need for new archetypes that can be used to build on and aspire to. The Wild Gods of Cultus Feram, while often inspired by Old Gods, have no names. They are merely symbols of the things around and in us, and they are blank slates waiting for us - for you and me and The Order - to write the myth of the Feral Age.Whether you choose to "believe" in the Wild Gods, or Thor, or Hecate, or Hel, the result is the same: There are no gods without you. All gods are simply symbols to help you find your own power, and archetypes you can aspire to.

Gods and monsters provide guidance. Be strong like Thor, but probably avoid fucking everything up like Loki. Frankenstein's monster served a dual purpose: Probably don't try to reanimate the dead, and also don't be a dick just because someone is different. In a modern age that largely acknowledges that two hands working will accomplish more than a million clasped in prayer, we should look at why and, more importantly, how myth still manages to be an important part of so many lives, as well as how we can make it a useful part of our lives. Despite our enlightened view of the world, myth and fiction still light up our Wild Minds with wonder and awe, and they can be used to push us to new levels. We can channel that awe, using gods and monsters to build stronger people and better, more free societies. 

We know that the gods are lies.
But they are useful lies. 

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