The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

II : Declaration

The world as we know it is crumbling around us. Institutions once held in high esteem are seen for the crumbling facades of corruption and nepotism they have become, our leaders have become long, tired jokes, and the threat of an apocalyptic war becomes more real with each passing day. "Leaders" announce policy changes via Twitter on a whim as online dick measuring contests escalate real life international aggressions. Representatives, especially here in America, no longer even pretend to notice or care about the "Will of the People", instead opting to line their pockets and make policy changes without even consulting the people they claim to represent. The American Dream has died, democracy has once again failed, and our world is rotting for it.

Everywhere you turn there is plenty of talk of community, but no real action. Community to most people is simply the geographic space around them, and the people they, by chance, happen to live near. In most cases, those people are nothing more to them than the outcome of circumstance, and they feel no special loyalty to their neighbors, any more than they feel loyalty to their mayor, their council members, or the family across town. Often, they feel more loyalty to a restaurant, their phone manufacturer, or their mobile operating system of choice than they feel to the people right next to them. There is no "community" here - not until something forces us to act like a community.

Whether this is by design or simply an unforeseen side effect of the wealth our nations have built, the truth is that the vast wealth and relative level of comfort modernity and technology allow for has created a world in which, for the average person, community isn't necessary and we're free to go about our daily lives without the social interaction that has defined humanity (and most, if not all, primates) for the last several million years. Because of this growing detachment from the people around us, from neighbor to the millions of inhabitants across the country, the communal loyalty we have counted on for millennia has broken down, forcing us to elect leaders at all levels, appoint CEOs and executives at all levels of business, who feel no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Just a few hundred years ago, this behavior would have been not just frowned upon, but reason to execute or banish a member of the community--a member of the tribe.

As the world continues to slide farther from the true tribal culture of humanity, you can expect that these rifts will continue to widen. The officials at the highest levels of government will have less loyalty, slowly stripping oversight from you, their constituents. This fall is already accelerating and already, we are little more than pawns occasionally thrown scraps to keep us quiet and compliant.

We're fucking tired of it.

The Apocalypse Order seeks nothing less than the annihilation of modern "civilization", and a return to the tribal ways that built and reinforced the communal good. While ancient tribal life was certainly fraught with danger, it was also a time when people enjoyed the most personal freedom without deference to indifferent entities such as modern corporations and government. Each tribe did what they needed in order to survive and, when they did go to war, it was for survival and not some imagined slight on an impersonal social network. Tribal leaders were responsible directly to the people they led, and could easily be deposed in the event that they showed disloyalty or a lack of care to the tribe, unlike our presidents and prime ministers today. Rise, rebel, infect--these are the edicts of Blood and Fire. 

  • Courage
  • Honor
  • Strength
  • Loyalty
  • Tribe

XCIII - Blood & Fire

My watchwords, our watchwords, were decided with purpose back when I was a teenager. I chose them as my inspiration, words to drive me onward in a never-ending rebellion against a world that no longer cared. At the time, I had no idea what, exactly, I was rebelling against, but I'd determined to never give up until the world cared again. The words "blood" and "fire" continue to remind me to feed the flames burning deep in my chest.

Blood is the fluid of life, the vital essence that flows through our veins, pumped by our heart, giving fuel and nutrition to every cell in our bodies. Since ancient times, blood has been the very symbol of that life and has inspired stories, myths, and legends. Even today, the imagery and symbolism of blood inspire the minds of humanity. In The Order, blood is symbolic of the strong bonds of family, true friendship, and the camaraderie of the tribe, as well as being the vital essence of a life lived to push and break limits.

Fire in many Left Hand Path traditions, and in much art, is symbolic of the driving force that propels humans forward. Revolutions are ignited, love burns brightly, and one with a relentless drive is said to have a heart of fire. When Prometheus rebelled against the Olympians to free man from their enslavement, he came to earth to give man the gift of fire, and without fire, most progress would not be made.

The two symbols are our watchwords. Their symbols show up in our products, and you'll see the number 93 as an acknowledgment of the symbols and our ideals among our materials. Nine and three are the most simplified versions of the Gematria equivalents of "blood" and "fire". It's worth mentioning that in Thelema, the number 93 is associated with the Law of Thelema - "Do What Thou Will Shall Be the Whole of the Law - Love is the Law, Love Under Will".

 Why The Apocalypse Order?

The name was chosen for a range of reasons, not the least of which is to turn away those who would not understand. Before the name, only the original skull and diamond symbol existed - a skull with a gas mask inside a diamond, with the Roman numeral for 93 - XCIII. As the nation descended into mania leading up to and following the nomination of the Democratic and Republican candidates for the presidency in 2016, I acknowledged the vastly increased chance of a nuclear war. The far-right's ongoing antics over the past year have simply served to solidify that choice as an accurate realization.

With the realization that an apocalyptic war was a real concern came the desire to work with others to create groups who, if they survived, would be well equipped in the fallout. From there, the idea grew and became a Left-Hand Path lifestyle brand before this transmission, wherein I intend to steer the Order back in the direction it originally started in.

The Satanic symbolism and neo-tribal philosophy have been chosen with the intent of remaining exclusionary to an extent--they are meant to scare away the weak willed while simultaneously drawing attention. We seek to empower the strong, inspire those with the flames of passion burning within them, and to exclude those who have no passion or drive, and those who would only bring us down.

Despite the decidedly dark symbolism we choose, The Apocalypse Order does not follow a prescribed religion - our members are atheists, Satanists, Pagans, Christians, and everything in between. Our tribal culture is an organic synthesis of a range of influences brought by every member and guided by our leaders and thinkers. The culture of each tribe is separate from the whole, as it is meant to be and as it will always be.

The Apocalypse Order is  an open declaration of war against all who would subjugate man; against governments, against religions, against monolithic corporations and Hollywood. We exist to counter all forms of control.

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