The Apocalypse Order is now Feral Cult. Wake the Wild! #TheWildSurvives

0 : Year II - The Apocalypse Order Is Dead! Long Live The Apocalypse Order!

I must begin the second year of The Apocalypse Order with an apology. I began this great adventure with a clear goal in mind and, the first day I saw something approximating a profit, I totally lost sight of that goal and pursued what I thought would sell. Typically, I'd be okay with that because we all need to make money to survive, but The Order was never supposed to be entirely sales-driven. Obviously I need it to make money to be able to justify my own expenses, but there's so much more to The Apocalypse Order than just making money. This was supposed to be about inspiring and empowering people, about showing people a new way to live with strength, honor, and pride in a world that too often silences those things and which often abuses those who choose--or who are forced--to live on its fringes.


In Year II, we start again from the beginning. I've spun off the general occult and goth-ish designs into a new brand for those who are more into that style but who don't feel the call of the wild that The Order answers to. Maybe they'll find their way here, maybe they won't. This, however, is for us. The website has been redesigned to place a focus on the movement we're trying to build, and we are working on building the first Apocalypse Order cell, which will allow us to share more content with you. Over 2018 we're going to deliver more practical content to help you get the most from your life and build your tribe. We're also hoping to acquire the first Apocalypse Order clubhouse and property and begin laying the foundation for the future of the Order. Additionally, we're also looking to build a quarterly 'zine-style newsletter and the blog has also spawned content that's being formatted into a book we'll call War Grimoire, as well.


2018 is shaping up to be an exciting time for The Apocalypse Order as we clarify our mission, realign ourselves with our goals, and march forward in strength. Fly your black flag proudly and join us in back alleys, forests, bars, and warehouses and live your own legend.

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